Our Services

Kingdom Autism and Behavioral Health provides a range of services for children with Autism and related challenges. The form, frequency, and intensity of services are dependent on the needs of the family, child, or school. The following is a list of possible services, or program components that may be offered by Kingdom Autism and Behavioral Health.

Positive Behavior Support Plans

Individualized behavior support plans carefully designed to decrease challenging behaviors and teach functional replacement behaviors. This process begins with a Functional Behavior Assessment, and ends with a written behavior support plan that is child-specific and data driven.

Verbal Behavior Programs

Children with language and communication challenges will benefit from a program that targets language development by carefully designing the environment to elicit as much language as possible throughout the child’s day.

Natural Environment Teaching

Promotes the generalization of target skills by maximizing on natural teaching opportunities throughout the childs’s day. Teaching opportunities are embedded within child-specific interests.

Discrete Trial Teaching

Programs designed to compensate for common deficits in attention, motivation, stimulus control, generalization, and observation learning by breaking skills down into small steps, reinforcing correct responses, and repeating trials many times throughout a teaching session or school day.

Social Skills

Group or individual social skills programs carefully designed to meet the needs of all children involved. Programs to target skills such as greetings, turn-taking, playing with peers, and having conversations.

Pre-Academic/Academic Skills

As simple as modifications or accommodations made to classroom curriculums and materials, or as complex as an individualized curriculum carefully designed to target child-specific goals and objectives.

Daily Living Skills

Programs designed to target daily living skills such as following routines, toilet training, dressing, brushing teeth, washing hands, using utensils, etc.

Other Services Offered

  • Staff Development and In-Service Trainings
  • Extended School Year Program Development
  • Visual Schedules and Supports
  • BCBA, BCaBA and RBT Supervision
  • AND MORE!!
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